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Movie ReBoot Game Over download free! Book Title: ReBoot Game Over
Directors: J. Falconer
Stars: Kathleen Barr,Garry Chalk,Michael Donovan
IMDb Rating: 8.2
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 1997-09-10
Country: Canada
Language: English

Full movie description "ReBoot Game Over":

Megabyte uses Hexadecimal's viral energy to penetrate the firewall. Enzo, AndrAla and Frisket enter a game they cannot win.

Movie ReBoot Game Over download free

Reviews of the ReBoot Game Over

This intense episode is definitely a highlight of the series. I think it's a much more impactful episode than "Firewall" if nothing else, in pure emotion. It's very fast-paced and the action starts right away with the newly quarantined Megabyte torturing the very angry and temporarily captive Hexadecimal with the collar device into using her fearsome viral powers to blast a hole through the barrier of fire. She complies after screeching at him that in trying to weaponise her power he doesn't know what he's dealing with, and then says what could be her best ever quote about how chaos always wins over order in the end! He sends his infantry through the breach only to have them easily devastated by the cannons of the Principal Office, and he begrudgingly orders them to retreat and her to cease. Soon after a new game arrives that proves to be a very fateful one for little Enzo... I've said it before and I am once again, the world of this show moves so fast, no sooner are the viruses tenuously contained then along comes the one game that's simply too much for the new young guardian to handle. The game is a clear take on Mortal Kombat and you can somehow tell there's something extra dangerous about it from the get go, and that it's not going to be any mere walk in the park adventure. It's all down to Enzo's strength and skill as he fights against a hulking flame winged devil, and for a while he does well but is eventually in a chilling moment when he has his eye put out and is actually killed off-screen, not that what you see is all that gruesome or anything, as when the writers of the show fortunately gained a new network to sponsor them that granted them a lot more creative freedom and weren't constantly overshadowing the show with tyrannical and ridiculous censoring, they did make the tone and some of the visuals more mature but they were never stupid about it. Anyway just before meeting his doom Enzo changes his code to game sprite mode and Andraia does the same for herself and Frisket, meaning that losing the game won't see them nullified, but the price is that they have to leave with the game and are effectively lost in the vastness of the Net. So luckily this isn't the end for Enzo although it does actually spell the beginning of the end for Mainframe... It's a really awful turn of events, he just wanted to be the best guardian that he could and even though he tried hard and gave it his all, when all was said and done he was still a little boy and eventually ran into a fight that he just couldn't win. And for all intents and purposes, it really is the 'death' of the young more innocent Enzo, a very different one will appear in the second chapter of this fantastic season. For poor Dot it's like her worst nightmare from "Identity Crisis Part 1" come to life and after all that she's lost she lets out a heartbreaking scream while Megabyte laughs evilly to himself at the outcome, for now once free of his fiery prison, there will be almost nothing to stand in his way. That's another reason why this show was a great one, you care that bad things are happening to the characters because you've seen them develop and get what they're going through, and if you're into the series and have seen everything that's built up to this point then it's a moment that sends shivers down your spine. And I like Dot in this episode, she hasn't shown any real emotion since Bob was taken out of the picture and has started to become a more hardened commander type, but in this one she finally snaps and Kathleen Barr did a tremendous job of putting a real depth of emotion into her voice role. This is the last you see of her and Mainframe for a while at this lowest of points, and it's a lot less pleasant to look at when we return. I also love the scene where Hack and Slash argue because one of them doesn't want to go through with destroying one of Megabyte's underlings that has betrayed him, not liking the kind of cruel orders their boss has them doing. They don't like being real bad guys, that's sweet. They've actually developed a little themselves and they're just meant to be the dumb goons! Also their designs are starting to look really cool with the improved animation. A truly excellent episode, dramatic, thrilling, as well as another major turning point in the very structure of the series as you will see next time...

Movie ReBoot Game Over download free

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Movie ReBoot Game Over download free

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