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Movie Home Improvement Forever Jung download free! Book Title: Home Improvement Forever Jung
Directors: John Pasquin
Runtime: 30 min
Stars: Tim Allen,Patricia Richardson,Earl Hindman
IMDb Rating: 7.4
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release Date: 1992-01-21
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Home Improvement Forever Jung":

At home: Brad is going on his first date, but is uncomfortable about having to learn how to dance. Jill's friend Karen is coming for a visit; she and Tim don't like each other. Karen mocks Tim about his power tools, saying that men buy them because they are insecure about their manhood, then claims men are aggressive and destructive and that society is male-dominated. Tim claims his relationship with Jill is an equal one, but Karen comes up with tricky questions to test that. On "Tool Time": Tim demonstrates how to apply laminate. The process involves a new instant glue, the use of which requires great care - which Tim does not quite manage.

Movie Home Improvement Forever Jung download free

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Tim has just had himself a very prosperous trip to the hardware store, having bought a bunch of bare essentials for the garage, a toy drill for Mark, and a Binford reciprocating saw for himself. Speaking of prosperous, Brad has found himself a little girl friend, Jennifer Sadarsky, who has invited him to her parents' country club for their anniversary. And speaking of new female friends, Jill's got one: Karen Kelly, friend to Jill and new enemy for Tim. One of those new-age feminists who think men are always wrong in what they say or do. Did I mention she's also single? Right away, she implies Tim bought himself a great big reciprocating saw to compensate, and then she goes on to say men focus on their tools so much because they're insecure. Tim disputes this on Tool Time the next day, saying men who obsess over tools are not insecure or destructive, they're creative. After he vents, it's back to the project: gluing laminate onto a table. Al attempts to remind him to be careful about using this fast-bonding glue and Tim shames him for having such negative thoughts. Well, with the glue spread out on the table, Tim prepares to lay the laminate, but accidentally knocks the stoppers onto the floor. He leans over to retrieve them...and aptly gets his head glued to the table.

At home, Jill and Karen decide to take it easy on Tim when he comes home, but such plans go south when he walks through the door with a piece of table glued to his head. They all have a good laugh at his expense, and Karen begins the old feminist debates again, this time about how men seem to have all the jobs and women have to fight to stay afloat, then he poses Tim with the question of, if Jill got a high- paying executive job in Seattle, would they move? Or, if Tool Time went national and they had to move to New York, would they? Tim refused to answer, but his feelings were pretty much made clear. He rips the table piece off his head, which must have hurt like hell. Meanwhile, Brad is having second thoughts about going to Jennifer's party, because he has to dance. You know, "old people" dancing. Jill happily steps in to teach him, and as reluctant as he was to be dancing with his mother, he gets the hang of it pretty fast. He'll wow all those snobs at the country club. As for Tim, he has a talk with Wilson, still angry that Karen blames him for all the "trouble" men have caused in the world, and in response, Wilson tells him of the days when we had a matriarchal society, where women ruled the earth, and it was no more peaceful than it is today. Absolute power corrupts, regardless of gender. He hopes someday man and woman will be able to coexist peacefully. Well, you'll know when that day comes because pigs will be flying. That night, Jennifer comes over to pick up Brad. She makes a very good impression, even adding that her father loves Tool Time. He likes Al. In response, Tim screams for Brad to get downstairs, only Randy comes down to inform him that Brad's tie is stuck in his zipper. Tim comes to his rescue and gives his boy a pep talk to sooth his worries about possibly making an ass of himself. Brad and Jennifer were both a little nervous, and it didn't help that Randy acted like a jerk, but they went off together, to little man's big night. Then Tim and Jill have themselves a little dance, each taking turns leading. We end on Tim breaking an ancient Chinese changing curtain, because... uh, the sun is hot.

Jill's friend Karen will unfortunately be sticking around until the end of Season 2. Though I will admit, annoying and vindictive as she is, at least she manages to balance things out and show that not everybody thinks highly of Tim and there are some people who are willing to try and take him down a peg. This is the infamous head-glued-to-a-table episode that you've no doubt seen dozens of clips of. We also meet Jennifer Sadarsky, Brad's girlfriend up until Season 3. He'll be going to absurd lengths to impress her in the shows to come. So, if you want to see Tim glue a table to his head, as well as see little Bradley go out on his first date, then I recommend Forever Jung. Not much else I can say about it. It's humorous and has a great message.

Movie Home Improvement Forever Jung download free

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Movie Home Improvement Forever Jung download free

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