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Movie Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu download free! Book Title: Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Runtime: 30 min
Stars: Tim Allen,Patricia Richardson,Earl Hindman
IMDb Rating: 7.6
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release Date: 1993-03-03
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu":

Tim gets Pistons tickets, but Jill says he has to take Mark to the ballet. Making everything worse, Brad and Randy test out a cigar.

Movie Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu download free

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It's time for Gadget Corner on Tool Time, and what hi-tech gadgets do Tim and Al have to show off? Well, Tim has a deluxe Swiss Army knife, and Al HAD a light bulb that was guaranteed to last 100 years, but when Tim got his hands on it, it barely lasted 100 seconds. Then they do a promotion plug for Binford's line of mini-magnets, including one so powerful it can pick up 400 pounds. Unfortunately, Tim keeps aiming it in the wrong direction, pulling down the book mike and even drawing forth the camera, hitting him square in the puss. At home, Tim, Brad and Randy are getting ready to watch the big Pistons/Bulls game on TV. Tim even bought every cheese-flavored snack food on the market. But, as you may have guessed, something is about to throw a monkey-wrench in his plans. This happens EVERY time he wants to watch sports. What is it this time? Jill won't be able to take Mark to the ballet and so she requests, or rather orders Tim to do it. They're going to see Swan Lake, and unfortunately Natalie Portman ain't in it. Despite Tim's hatred of ballet, being a man's man and all, he eventually caves and agrees to take Mark. So they put on their three piece suits, ready for a fun filled day at the ballet, and then fate rears her ugly head and plays a cruel joke. Again. As Tim is asking Wilson to keep an eye on Brad and Randy, whom they're trusting to stay home alone during the day, he reveals he happens to have two tickets to the Pistons/Bulls game. Courtside seats! Something like this doesn't happen every day. So Tim takes the tickets, saying he'll find somebody who can use them.

When he asks Mark how he'd like to go to the game, he still opts for the ballet. However, Tim manages to convince him by agreeing to buy him a big foam finger. So, now that Brad and Randy have the house to themselves, what are they gonna do? Well, Brad finds Jill's secret stash of the air ducts, and Randy finds a cigar in Tim's sock drawer. They smoke it in the backyard, finding the taste leaving much to be desired. When they see Tim and Mark get home, they cover themselves in air freshener and ask to go over to Billy's. So what will Jill think when she finds out where Tim and Mark really went? Tim's strategy was not to tell her, but it wasn't hard to figure out thanks to a mustard stain on Mark's shirt and Tim stumbling around with his words. Well, that, and the poorly hidden foam finger she found. So, she launches into nag mode, saying she was just trying to expose her boys to culture and Tim has utterly dashed that chance from them. It's not just the exposure, but she also wants them to decide for themselves what to like and not have Tim emotionally manipulate them to choose what he likes. But to be fair, Tim and Mark DID see the ballet... 30 minutes of it. He doesn't feel too remorseful, because he hates ballet and he refuses to have anything to do with it. In fact, he tells that to Wilson, who in response calls him ignorant and a fool... strictly where ballet is concerned, he's too nice to say it about anything else. Tim does a little thinking and to make it up to Jill, he comprises his own little "ballet", mixing dancing with sports. The peasants rejoice. So now with that problem solved, there's just one more that needs immediate attention: Jill finds the cigar. Tim hits upon a brilliant idea and leads Jill toward the door. He calls Brad and Randy down, telling them to watch Mark while they take Wilson to the emergency room. Apparently Tim had given him a cigar from his sock drawer, the tobacco was infected and Wilson developed a nasty rash. The boys start to panic, feeling something of a rash coming over themselves and head out after their parents...and are aptly busted.

And the moral of our story is: kids, don't smoke. Actually, the real moral of our story is don't belittle what you don't understand. Or is it, when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity falls in your lap, act accordingly, as it will never happen again. Great episode with some good messages. I just can't believe Tim's luck when it comes to sporting events. Something always happens to jeopardize his watching the game. And even if he does get to watch it, something bad tends to happen afterwards. The whole plot device of Tim getting valuable tickets will be seen again in Season 5's "The Look" where his boss offers to sell him season tickets for four grand. So, if you like basketball, you like ballet... incidentally, have there been any NEW ballets made in the past century or do they just keep recycling the old ones over and over again? I mean, how many productions of Swan Lake do we as a civilization need to see? On the other hand, I could ask that same question about the movies and TV shows that are coming out these days. They keep recycling the same old crap. Shooting Three to Make Tutu is a very good episode, funny jokes, good story, and Tim's little payback to the boys for smoking his cigar is excellent.

Movie Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu download free

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Movie Home Improvement Shooting Three to Make Tutu download free

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